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Where it all began...

When I fell pregnant with my son, I really started to question all the products I was coming into contact with in my daily life.  Ranging from the shampoo I was putting on my head to the nail varnish I was applying to my toes, plus everything else in between!  That then led me to simplify the way I was living and go back to basics.

Through the desire to cut out all of the unnecessary toxic chemicals, live a like that was kind to myself as well as the planet, reduce my reliance on large corporations to supporting smaller ethical businesses and aim to ideally eliminate my use of plastics, I started to change, which included making my own toiletries.  And then I thought, why not share this with others too.

I hope you enjoy, Nirosha

Our aim

At back2basics living, we are so excited to provide you with our natural handmade products, helping you to minimise your plastic consumption and also consume modern products in an ethical way.

Organic ingredients

We are committed to using the highest quality natural ingredients and will always use organic ingredients wherever possible.

Ethical ingredients

No ingredients purchased will have been tested on animals. We, will never test on animals.

Trading fairly

We are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients from reputable suppliers which are often small businesses. We ensure they have shared values and are paid fairly.

Natural ingredients

Our products are made only from natural ingredients in their normal state with minimal processing. They have no preservatives or unnecessary toxic chemicals.

No disposable plastic

We are not a fan of plastic and every effort is made to ensure we eliminate it throughout the supply chain as well as to you.

Environmental impact

We respect mother nature and consider the environment at each stage, from the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, through to the final delivery to you.

Nirosha Perera

founder and director


head of inspiration and motivation

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